The result of the match Italy vs Paraguay

Informasi terbaru The result of the match Italy vs Paraguay The result of the match Italy vs Paraguay ; Incidents 'shot' during a duel laser Argentina vs. Nigeria makes guard at the entrance to the stadium were tightened. Not only that raided a laser device, but also a number of objects which are 'haram' to enter the game arena.

FIFA imposed strict rules that clearly makes the game ticket holders Italy vs Paraguay restless. They worry that security officers will actually confiscated umbrellas in their bags.

Losing an umbrella on an examination table is not a problem if the weather is friendly. But, a problem if the rain of Cape Town stadium when the game lasts. Moreover, the local weather forecast agency has forecast that rain will fall when the fight took place.

"Almost 100 percent of the playing field will be drenched with rain forecast temperatures of around 9-14 degrees Celsius," the statement submitted prakirawan Weather24, as quoted from the local sports news site, Sport24.

And, indeed before the opening match of Group F World Cup which will take place on GMT Tuesday's early morning, heavy rains flushed the Cape Town area. This bad weather exercise discomfit even the Italian team.

In addition to umbrellas, FIFA also 'forbidden' number of objects entering the arena game, which include weapons, alcohol and drugs, helmet, and spray bottles and the like that could trigger an explosion

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