Informasi terbaru COMMON PITFALLS TO LEADERSHIP AWARD PROGRAMS PAKAR BISNIS ONLINE COMMON PITFALLS TO LEADERSHIP AWARD PROGRAMS : As a leadership keynote speaker in a seminar discussion I continually discover acknowledgment programs are morale busters not morale boosters.

Does acknowledging your employees impel them to explore their potential further or is it more of a mindless clacking of cliche expressions? Is your recognition program a superficial ploy encroaching on your staff's need to be candidly recognized and inspired? Don't be disheartened because many organizations suffer the same twisted fate. Employee Morale boosters hinge on how well leaders recognize staff. Everybody likes to be appreciated for their efforts, but only if they are rewarded and acknowledged in a way that is genuine.

Include employees' say in the way you salute their efforts. Most companies have a formal way of acknowledging employees with annual award banquets, including keynote speakers with motivational speeches,top sales awards and certificates. If your award program doesn't invite a thunderous reception, it may be because it is too generic and not an inspiration

There are some major pitfalls to generic leadership award programs:

1. The reward is handed down from leadership and reinforces imbalances in power.

2. It can be patronizing to receive a small award for a large accomplishment.

3. The leadership recognition program falters because the accomplishment is often a team effort. It fosters resentment when just one person gets the reward.

4. They cause competition and conflict

5. The reward usually occurs annually or semi-annually,thereby greatly postponing inspiration and recognition for superior daily performance.

6. Salary raises are nice, but seldom motivate people to consistently achieve on the job.

7. Top performers are often the same people every month. A formal award system may become a program that neglects secondary achievements. How is this helping the rest of your staff? You may be causing resentment, conflict.Formal award nights with humorous keynote speakers may not speak to the heart of recognition for the whole team

8. The most common flaw of leadership award programs is that they often reward people for doing work they were supposed to do anyway. It creates entitlement.

Why are formal award systems so popular as a leadership strategy then? The main advantage to formal awards is that they are easy to administer. All you need to do is calculate how close (or how far) people get to their goal, find the "top achievers" and acknowledge them with your standard reward.

This advantage is also the major disadvantage. Formal awards are a "mass acknowledgment" program. They can be very impersonal and don't take into account the strengths, accomplishments, or efforts of individuals. They don't take into account employees' say.

Formal award systems recognize one narrow aspect of the job (such as increased revenue, Morale, sales or productivity) and those few employees who are good at achieving that goal. By contrast, informal recognition programs focus on spontaneous and personal appreciation of employee efforts.


Four Qualities of a Good Acknowledgment

Appreciating others is a brilliant and creative act.
Leadership strategy needs to notice and nurture consistent acts of achievement. Yet many leaders don't consider showing appreciation a part of their leadership skills. Other leaders realize that acknowledgment is important, but they botch the process. Spouting hollow praise too often will bring discouraging results.

There is an art to showing appreciation for others.
Employees won't be impressed by trite and generic compliments. Most leadership could use a bit of practice with thoughtful acknowledgments. Possibly a leadership seminar or workshop with a motivational talks to practice the 4 keys to a good acknowledgment. According to B.F. Skinner, a good acknowledgment has four qualities. It is consistently:

1. Specific : Talk very specifically about what you saw the person do. General motivational cliches like good team player will have a lukewarm effect.

2. Immediate : Obviously praising someone for something she did nearly a year ago is a waste of time because the best acknowledgment is immediate. Catch someone in the act of doing well and compliment the behavior on the spot.

3. Personal: Use the person's name and talk about the qualities they bring to the team.

4. Spontaneous : Never script compliments or they won't sound sincere.

I would add to this always link individual performance to the overall good of the group. Here is an example: "Mike, congratulations on how you handled that difficult patient just now. He was nasty and not about to give up, but you sympathized, calmed him down and set him straight." This acknowledgment is specific, immediate, personal, and spontaneous.

Next, link individual performance to the good of the group. "Your taking the time to explain things to that patient builds understanding and agreement and makes that patient so much easier for the rest of the team to deal with."

According to a study done by Robert Half International Limited, a lack of praise and recognition is one of the primary reasons why employees leave their jobs.

Action Plan

Acknowledgment doesn't have to come from a leader. Train and encourage all employees to recognize each other. Train in the four steps above and have employees role-play to acknowledge one another. Create a culture of appreciation (see below) where employees regularly recognize each others contributions.

Rewards That Increase Say and Engage Employees

Increasing the say factor in your organization means increasing employee input to their jobs. Leaderships Motivational Speeches should Reward people individually and in a personalized way for their accomplishments instead of generally addressing the whole group for its performance level. Take time to find out what specifically motivates each of your employees and then see what you can do to make those things happen. How do you find out what motivates others? Ask them.

Increase the say factor in the job by getting people talking about what inspires and motivates them and engage them in the reward process. When people get rewarded in the way they want, they will be much more satisfied. Involvement equals commitment. The best management is what you do with others, not to them.


1. Create an acknowledgment committee. This is a fun volunteer position and it should rotate regularly so all staff have an opportunity to participate. The acknowledgment committee is responsible for acknowledging other staff members weekly.

2. Have the acknowledgment committee create a form that helps them get to know employees. Ask employees things like, "Share your favorite color, your biggest pet peeve, something interesting about your family, your hobbies..." Anything unique about a person that they would offer to share is valuable.

3. File these forms away and every week (or month or however often) the committee randomly draws an employee's name and checks the list to find interesting unique ways to acknowledge him. (e.g. Jason loves telling jokes so buy him a joke book). The reward is fun and does not cost a lot (usually under $10).

4. The committee now has to catch Jason in the act of doing well and acknowledges him with the personalized item. You may even create a fun ritual, motivational talk,chant or saying when delivering acknowledgments.


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Money Saving Ideas - Keys To Successful Marketing

Informasi terbaru Money Saving Ideas - Keys To Successful Marketing Money Saving Ideas - Keys To Successful Marketing : I know times are tight for everyone right now, but don't let that cause you to make some big mistakes with your marketing. It seems that everyone is looking for ways to save money and some of those savings will be a good thing while others will kill your ROI. Five Money Saving Ideas That Will Cost You in the Long Run

1. Stop your marketing expense and just wait for things to change.
Sure this approach will reduce your outgoing costs initially, but what will you be gaining by sitting on the sidelines. Your competitors know that there is a tremendous amount of money in motion right now, and the aggressive top producers are out there stealing clients from you and others in your market.

2. Try to do a seminar without a meal to save on costs.
The average cost of a meal is about $17.00 including tax and tips. Let's say you get 75 people to respond to your invite. That is a food cost of $1,275. One sale or asset transfer would more than pay for this. With no meal, expect a dramatically lower response. I have seen people try this and get as few as three people to show up for the seminar.

3. Reduce the number of seminars you are holding.
This is similar to #1 but there is one key point to remember. To close a prospect and transfer the assets usually takes eight to ten weeks. As an advisor, you are at your best when you have a lot of appointments scheduled every day. Don't put yourself in a position of having nothing in your pipeline to work. Once there, it will take at least thirty days to get another seminar going and start the pipeline again. Trust me, those thirty days will feel like a year.

4. Replace the invitation that you know works well with a cheaper or scaled down version.
I have always believed that if it aint broke don't fix it. Eliminating a known entity to try a different product should only be done in a test mode. By that I mean, send half of the one that works with half that you want to test. If the test mail bombs, you still have the other half to pick up new clients.

5. Abandon what has made you successful to try other Marketing ideas.
If you are an advisor or agent that has spent years perfecting your seminar and closing techniques, don't discount this experience. It takes a while to get good at anything. I have a client that stopped doing seminars and decided to concentrate on referrals. After three months of trying everything to get referrals, he picked up three new clients. He was averaging ten new clients a month with seminars. It is pretty simple math if you think about how he should spend his time and money.

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Marketing Strategies Restaurant Online Using Free Social Media

Informasi terbaru Marketing Strategies Restaurant Online Using Free Social Media Pakar Bisnis Online Marketing Strategies Restaurant Online Using Free Social Media ; An incredible opportunity exists to market any restaurant using free online marketing strategies with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. Many restaurant owners are quietly taking advantage of this new revolution. Large restaurant chains have employed dedicated professional online marketing staff to leverage the opportunity. Individual restaurant owners need to know about this.

Consider the Difference:- Advertising a restaurant to 5,000 people and paying thousands of dollars or having 5,000 people recommended to visit a restaurant by their friends completely free! Anyone who owns a restaurant or a small business really should look into this.

Viral online marketing for a restaurant is a great way to reach volumes of people in no time at all. Facebook for instance allows you to market to customers virtually free which means restaurant owners can really enjoy the benefits of online marketing instead of being worried about the cost involved with it.

Offering great incentives is a way to get customers and prospects to join (like) a restaurant Facebook page. There are various sorts of deals that one can offer to attract customers to the social media platform. For example free appetizers or desserts is one option.

Using Facebook as an example, the advantage of getting as many followers as possible is that the restaurant can market to them online for free through Facebook wall updates. Keeping in mind not to ignore other platforms like twitter for example, but Facebook is undoubtedly a very effective way to spread the message virally. Offering referral incentives to customers so that there is a deal in it for them to get others to try out the restaurant is another effective strategy. They can earn free meals or other items and the restaurant wins new customers as a trade off.

To start a restaurant's online marketing campaign the restaurant should commence with the people it knows. Friends and family can kick it off and then it can grow from there. Getting current customers involved too is smart and then they will let their contacts know about it. The snowball effect can become viral extending a message in a powerful and targeted way that would not be possible using traditional marketing techniques.

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Tips Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Products

Informasi terbaru Tips Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Products Pakar Bisnis Online Tips Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Products ; Affiliate marketing is a wonderful arena to enter if you want to make money online. You've probably heard by now that it's the easiest way to get started mainly because it takes little to no money to begin. But the statistics are astounding of just how many people fail miserably at this. That is why I wanted to share with you how to choose the best affiliate marketing products.

When starting any type of business online, it's really great if you can promote products that you know something about, either have a passion for that particular area or it's one of your hobbies. Let's face it, it will be much easier for you to write content if you know a little something about it already right! But it's not detrimental to your success. It might be that whatever you happen to really be interested in at the moment isn't a bit hit with people.

But market selection is the key ingredient to having any kind of success online. You have to choose products that people are willing and eager to give you their hard earned money. You can break that down into two different categories. There is the passion market and the solution market.

The passion market is what people spend money on in order to fulfill their lives. Things like PlayStation or Xbox which I think some adults love just as much as kids. Then you have sports enthusiasts that enjoy things like golf, tennis and skiing. They spend money on club memberships and vacations so they can enjoy these things while they are away. There are also people who are into things like model trains, airplanes, things like that. That is the passion market and it's huge.

You want to find "how to" products for this particular market. Things like "how to improve your golf swing" or "How to build a model airplane" or how to install the Xbox 360", things like that. You don't want to promote products that are too expensive so I would suggest staying under the $50 price mark.

The solution market is where people spend money in order to find a solution to a problem. They want to fix their problem in the quickest and easiest way possible. Some suggestions would be lose weight, cure acne, get out of debt or improve their credit rating. They want quick solutions to their problems and they want them now.

I hope this article helped with how to choose the best affiliate marketing products. By sharing the benefits that these products can provide for them, they will be more interested in learning what you have to offer. When choosing products to promote, remember these key ingredients and you can't go wrong.

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Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja

Informasi terbaru Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja ; Masa remaja adalah masa akan beralihnya ketergantungan hidup kepada orang lain. Dia mulai menentukan jalan hidupnya. Selama menjalani pembentukan kematangan dalam sikap, berbagai perubahan kejiwaan terjadi, bahkan mungkin kegoncangan. Kondisi semacam ini sangat dipengaruhi oleh lingkungan di mana dia tinggal. Pada sisi lain remaja seringkali tidak mempunyai tempat mengadu untuk memecahkan masalah yang dihadapinya. Sehingga sebagai pelarian remaja seringkali terjerumus, seperti mabuk-mabukan, narkotika dan tindak kriminalitas.

Kenakalan remaja
sudah menjadi masalah di semua negara. Setiap tahun tingkat kenakalan remaja ini menunjukan peningkatan, sehingga mengakibatkan terjadinya problema sosial. Lingkungan sangat berpengaruh besar dalam pembentukan jiwa remaja. Bagi remaja yang ternyata salah memilih tempat atau kawan dalam bergaulnya. Maka yang akan terjadi kemudian adalah berdampak negatif terhadap perkembangan pribadinya. Tapi, bila dia memasuki lingkungan pergaulan yang sehat, seperti memasuki organisasi pemuda yang resmi diakui oleh pemerintah, sudah tentu berdampak positif bagi perkembangan kepribadiannya.

Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja menurut para Ahli

Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja menurut Kartono
Kenakalan remaja meliputi semua prilaku yang menyimpang dari norma-norma hokum pidana yang dialukukan oleh remaja. Prilaku tersebut akan merugikan dirinya sendiri dan orang-orang sekitarnya. Kartono (ilmuan sosiologi) mengemukakan bahwa kenakalan remaja atau dalam bahasa Inggrisnya dikenal dengan isltilah Juvenule delinquency merupakan gejala potologis sosial pada remaja yang disebabkan oleh satu bentuk pengabaian sosial. Akibatnya, mengembangkan bentuk prilaku menyimpang.

Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja Menurut
Santrock mengemukakan bahwa kenakalan remaja merupakan kumpulan dari berbagai prilaku remaja yang tidak dapat diterima secara sosial hingga terjadi tindakan kriminal.

Pengertian Kenakalan Remaja Menurut Paul Moedikdo,SH adalah :

1. Semua perbuatan yang dari orang dewasa merupakan suatu kejahatan bagi anak-anak merupakan kenakalan jadi semua yang dilarang oleh hukum pidana, seperti mencuri, menganiaya dan sebagainya.
2. Semua perbuatan penyelewengan dari norma kelompok tertentu untuk menimbulkan keonaran dalam masyarakat.
3. Semua perbuatan yang menunjukkan kebutuhan perlindungan bagi sosial.

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cheat zynga poker Bot 2010 Full Version Strategy Download

Informasi terbaru cheat zynga poker Bot 2010 Full Version Strategy Download cheat zynga poker Bot 2010 Full Version Strategy Download : which means you choose up your Texas holdem hands and uncover you’ve landed a smaller to medium set. Wonderful! Or is it? In reality just how formidable are your pocket pairs in Cheat zynga poker?

Take on for instance a commencing hands of the set of two of eights. Most people’s reaction to landing this as their pocket cards would selection from someplace involving content to ecstatic. But should you seem at it inside cold light of day using a detached unemotional eye, this isn’t actually such an excellent hands in fact for winning zynga poker chips.

Statistically, out of all irresistible hands in zynga texas holdem poker, a set of two or superior wins about 55% from the time. A higher card is ample to win the hand in all around 45% of all circumstances. Your set of eights, should you do not increase by receiving a set about the flop change or river, will only beat a excessive card or even a reduce set of two plus the decrease down the couple scale you go, the worse it obtains.

The drawbacks of holding 88 are how the only card that improves your hands is yet another eight when your competitors may well nicely maintain two more than cards, either or each of which could set of two up around the board. Moreover they could have straight or flush possibilities whilst your couple suggests you can’t.

So what can you need to do about trying to play pocket pairs, and what’s the easiest way to acquire benefit of them to be able to win additional facebook poker chips?

You will find two various techniques that you could use having a medium pocket set like this. The earliest a single is usually to elevate the pot and make an effort to force most of the competitors out with the palm. The a reduced amount of opposition you might have if you go towards flop the much better and in the event you can get rid of all but a single player from seeing the flop then you definitely possess a excellent possibility of winning you a few million zynga poker chips.

This only operates in late situation during the palm, if you ever elevate early on and get re-raised or two or 3 callers, you can be in deep difficulty and your center couple is extremely unlikely to can come out on top with Cheat zynga poker chips.

The 2nd system is recognized by most as staying the simplest way for actively playing pocket pairs that are center or low in benefit. What you need to do right here is limp in (ie call your opponent’s unraised bets) and hope that you simply hit a set (Three of the type) about the flop.

3 eights can be a quite formidable palm also it gives the likelihood of sluggish enjoying if the conditions are suitable, ie the pot is staying raised by somebody else. The fantastic issue about this palm is that it is disguised, your competitors will hardly ever set you on triples and there is certainly even a probability of the set within the board, which would offer you an practically unassailable entire home for myspace Cheat poker chips.

So the message is evidently to tread cautiously along with your compact and medium pocket pairs. Recall how the reduce the set the a smaller amount probability it has of holding up and irresistible you the palm and continually be geared up to fold your set of two if essential. Follow these tips to ensure you take advantage of good hands to win facebook poker chips, zynga poker chips or myspace poker chips.
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Cara meningkatkan kualitas Pribadi Anda Total Quality Management

Informasi terbaru Cara meningkatkan kualitas Pribadi Anda Total Quality Management Pakar Bisnis Cara meningkatkan kualitas Pribadi Anda Total Quality Management ; Seringkali kita tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk meningkatkan kualitas diri. Bahkan beberapa orang merasa cukup puas dengan kualitas diri yang saat ini dimiliki. Padahal kalau mau digali lebih dalam lagi seharusnya masih ada potensi diri yang bisa ditingkatkan untuk menambah kualitas. Dengan kondisi seseorang cukup puas dengan kualitasnya maka dia merasa tidak perlu ada peningkatan-peningkatan atau perbaikan dalam dirinya.

Dan apabila suatu perusahaan memiliki beberapa karyawan dengan tipe seperti ini, pastilah perusahaan terebut akan sulit untuk mengembangkan dirinya. Semakin tinggi kualitas diri seseorang maka seseorang semakin kompeten dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan. Namun demikian, tanpa usaha yang maksimal maka kualitas diri tidak akan mengalami kemajuan seperti yang diharapkan

Total Quality Management (TQM) menekankan bahwa evaluasi diri sebagai bagian dari suatu proses perbaikan berkelanjutan. Evaluasi diri di sini berbicara mengenai pentingnya evaluasi terhadap satu proses produksi dimana manusianya sebagai salah satu faktor yang perlu untuk dievaluasi dalam rangka perbaikan terus menerus.

Kualitas diri sangatlah penting dan sangat berperan, dalam menuntun perjalanan seseorang menuju sukses. Karena kualitas diri berkaitan erat dengan seberapa besar seseorang mampu melakukan tindakan, yang menuntut keahlian tersendiri pada bidang yang ia geluti. sehingga seseorang memiliki suatu keyakinan yang kuat terhadap bidang yang digeluti..

Beberapa langkah dasar yang dapat diterapkan dalam upaya untuk meningkatkan kualitas diri adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Membaca
Sepertinya sangat sederhana, tetapi dalam pelaksanaannya tidaklah mudah. Membaca merupakan pekerjaan yang membutuhkan konsentrasi tinggi. Namun dengan membaca banyak manfaat yang bisa kita peroleh. Membaca adalah proses input data yang terbilang akurat. Dengan membaca banyak informasi yang bisa kita peroleh. Dari membacalah seorang ahli fikir bisa mengatakan sebuah teori dengan lantang. Kebiasaan membaca dapat mulai dibiasakan sejak masih anak-anak. Tanpa membaca, otak kita akan kering, sempit dan tidak memiliki gambaran akan dunia. Membaca akan melengkapi data anda. Otak akan lebih kreatif dalam menyikapi segala situasi.

2. Mendengar
Mendengar juga adalah pekerjaan yang sangat membutuhkan konsentrasi tinggi. Namun mendengar banyak sekali manfaat yang bisa kita petik. Terbiasa mendengar, banyak informasi yang bisa kita dapatkan, yang mungkin saja, kita tidak peroleh pada buku-buku bacaan kita. mendengar akan melatih kesabaran, ketelitian dan konsentrasi. Efeknya, jika anda antusias mendengarkan uraian seseorang, maka orang tersebut akan lebih respek kepada anda.Ingat! orang besar lebih banyak mendengar daripada berbicara.

3. Menulis
Kegiatan menulis, akan menguji kita, seberapa baik kemampuan kita dalam menyerap ilmu dan informasi dari kegiatan membaca dan mendengar. Menulis akan melatih kita menerapkan pola fikir yang kritis, dan kaya akan pengetahuan. Walau terasa berat, namun menulis sangatlah bermanfaat. Melalui tulisanlah kita bisa menuangkan ide-ide kita. Seperti yang kita tahu, bahwa dunia pers, dalam kegitan sosial, sangatlah berperan aktif. Karena tulisan-tulisannyalah, pers menjadi sangat disegani dan dihormati. Terlepas dari pro-kontra isi penulisan. Semua itu berpulang pada masing -masing penulis. Menulis bisa kita jadikan sarana untuk membentuk karakter, publikasi atau merupakan kesenangan tersendiri. Bahkan bisa dijadikan alternatif mata pencaharian.

4. Action (Bertindak)
Sebenarnya, kegiatan menulis sudah termasuk dari tips Melakukan. Namun dalam hal ini, saya mencoba melihat “kegiatan menulis” sebagai salah satu langkah peningkatan diri. Inilah mungkin tips yang paling vital. Melakukan Sesuatu! Karena berkaitan dengan bukti. Walau seseorang telah melakukan kegiatan baca dan dengar, sebagai sarana menimbah ilmu pengetahuan. Namun tanpa mencoba untuk Melakukan Sesuatu yang diyakininya. Sesuatu yang menurutnya mampu membawanya pada gerbang kesuksesan. Maka ilmu pengetahuan yang diperolehnya, akan mengalami kekakuan. Tidak terbiasa melakukan/bertindak maka ilmu yang diperolehnya akan mubazir. Lambat laun akan melemah dan lumpuh.

5. Menghayati
Terakhir, menghayati adalah proses perenungan dari apa yeng telah dilakukan selama ini. Terbiasa menghayati setiap kegiatan, sama halnya terbiasa melakukan koreksi diri dan pembenahan dalam setiap kesempatan.

Sebagai manusia biasa, tentunya kita tak luput dari segala kesalahan. Terkadang kita melangkah dengan penuh semangat, namun lupa akan penghayatan dari apa yang kita lakukan tersebut. Sehingga kita tidak mampu melihat, sisi-sisi yang mungkin akan memberikan peluang yang luar biasa bagi kemajuan kualitas diri kita seutuhnya.

Dengan menerapkan ke 5 hal di atas pastilah akan bermanfaat dalam meningkatkan kualitas pribadi. Dapat kita bayangkan apabila dalam satu perusahaan memiliki hampir semua karyawan yang menerapkan 5 langkah dasar meningkatkan kualitas, pastilah perusahaan tersebut akan meningkat produktivitasnya.

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