China's dominance of U.S. Government Securities Ownership

Informasi terbaru China's dominance of U.S. Government Securities Ownership China's dominance of U.S. Government Securities Ownership : China's ownership of U.S. debt rose to its highest level this year, the U.S. Treasury Department said Tuesday (15 / 6), even as Beijing stepped up attacks against the United States to pekerbangan debts.

China's government to increase ownership of U.S. Treasury bonds to be 900.2 billion dollars in April 2010, the highest level since November 2009, which is the second monthly increase in a row, according to international capital flows. China remains far forward as the holders of outstanding foreign debt, followed by Japan, which holds the mylar 795.5 dollars in April, and third in the British occupied at 239.3 billion dollars, according to the data.

Monthly increase in April 2010 and previous months came after six consecutive months of ownership in China reduces the Treasury, or keep it flat. While Beijing is triggering concerns about diversification of U.S. bonds, some analysts say Beijing secretly buying through third country bonds to cover the importance of the creditors - a role that was quite interesting examination.

Globally there is an entry of investment flow in recent months into U.S. Treasury bonds - a channel used by the government to borrow from the public to finance a growing deficit - in Europe amid mounting debt crisis. The crisis, which sent the euro to a four-year lows, also hamper China and other countries with large reserves of diversification away from U.S. Treasuries and other U.S. long-term securities, analysts said.

China, the largest holder of foreign reserves in the world, has been constantly criticized Washington for the level of the debt snowball, fearing Beijing's investments in U.S. government bonds could turn sour if the debt crisis of the American master

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